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QSFP/QSFP+(Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus)/Copper Cable Assemblies (DAC- Direct Attached Cable):


Superlink’s QSFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies are designed for Infiniband 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gigabit Ethernet applications. These cable assemblies improve signal reliability at speeds over 10 Gbps per channel as standard Infiniband QDR (10Gbs/channel) data rate. And meet all IBTA, QSFP MSA and SFF-8436 specification requirements supporting high speed data rate over long distances. Superlink high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed industry standards with improved reliability, high-quality signal transmission, easier installation and lower maintenance costs.



        Switches / Routers / HBAs

        Enterprise Networking

        Server & Storage Devices

        Data Center Networking

        ATM / SDH / SONET

        High Performance Computing

        Fiber Channel

        InfiniBand DDR / QDR

        10Gbs / 40Gbs Ethernet

        PCI Express 4X / SAS 4X



        Hot-plug swappable

        Optimized NEXT & Return Loss

        3X Port Density over SFP / SFP+

        Innovative EMI/EMC solutions

        Low cost and low power solution when compared to fiber optical links

        Supports both Active and Passive high performance copper cable assemblies

        Designed to be compliant with QSFP MSA and SFF-8436 / SFF-8431 / SFF-8074i

        Compliant with IEEE 802.3ba and Infiniband QDR specifications

        EEPROM for cable signature and system communications

        Active cable assembly supports up to 15 meters

        32AWG to 24AWG cable sizes available

        RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free option available




        Backshell: Zinc Die-Casting with Nickel plating

        PCB Paddle: FR4 with Gold Plating, 38POS

        PCB Contact Plating: 100 u" min. nickel under plate over all, 15 u min. gold over nickel at contact area by electron plating, 100u” min tin over nickel at soldering area

        Raw Cable: High speed cable 100ohm twin-ax 8 pairs with fully braided EMI shielded cover with PVC or low smoke and zero-halogen jacket

        Pull-Tab: Nylon (Polyamide) with blue or black color

        Pull-Tab cover: Stainless steel

        EMI Girdle: Stainless steel

        Rivet: Aluminum



        Operating Temperature: -40 to +85

        Relative Humidity: 45% to 85%

        Barometric Pressure: 86 to 106 Kpa

        Thermal Shock: 100 cycles, -55 to +85 (EIA 364-32D)

        Temperature Life: 500 hours at 70 (EIA 364-17B)

        Mixed Flowing Gas: 14 days (EIA 364-65A)

        ESD Rating: 15KV air discharges and 8KV direct contact discharges



        Durability: 250 cycles (EIA-364-23C)

        Mating Force: 40N max. (EIA-364-13D)

        Unmating Force: 30N max. (EIA-364-13D)

        Cable Flex: 180°  Flex: 50 cycles (EIA 361-41)

        Latch Strength: 170N min. at axial load

        Cable Axial Strain Relief: 90N min.

        Bending Radius: 10X of cable OD


        Supply Voltage: 3.13~5.25VDC (TYP. 3.3VDC)

        Withstanding Voltage: 300VDC

        Power Current Rating: 0.5 amps maximum per contact

        Insulation Resistance: 1000Mohm min. (EIA-364-21C)


        Differential Impedance: 100ohm +/-10 at 70ps rise time by 20~80% (EIA-364-108)

        Within Pair SKEW: < 10ps / meter (EIA-364-103)

        Pair-to-Pair SKEW: < 50ps / meter (EIA-364-103)