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Normally the cable assemblies or wire harnesses are customized items. Superlink (SLK™) provides manufacturing service. Our customers need provide us specifications, possibly including drawings, BOM (Bill of materials) and AVL ( Approved Vendor List) of components etc. Base on that and in order to improve lead-time or reduce the cost Superlink(SLK) may provide our proposals of alternative components for the approval of our customers.

For this OEM or contract manufacturing service, with the customere’s requirements, we can design and fabricate the specific marks, like customer’s logo, part number etc. on back-shell, over molding, bard-code labeling and/or packaging. ESD packaging is applied for most of the products.

We will attach to the shipments or send by email separately the test report for the first article qualification.

Per the customer’s requirement we can attach the CoC to the shipments.

To better understand our service or ask for quotation, you can email us at sales@slkcorp.com. You can also try to find the contact information of our sales reps or distributors of our offices in your local site or the place near to you at the page of Contact Us.

You can visit our separate web pages for RF Cable Assemblies or Fiber Optical Cable Assemblies.

Superlink promises to provide the customer with top quality and most cost-effective products and the best and most professional services.


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