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Superlink(SLK) Overview

Superlink(SLK™)’s major business scope includes ODM and OEM of standard and custom

  •  High speed cable assemblies
  •  RF cable assemblies
  •  Non-RF wire and cable assemblies
  •  RF connectors
  •  RF adapters
  •  Fiber optical cable assemblies

which are applied in data storage, networking, telecommunication, medical, automotive, aerospace, military for signal transition and signal transmission or power supply solutions.

Superlink(SLK™) specializes in design, development and manufacturing of interconnect solutions, including High-speed Cable Assemblies (SFP passive and active cable, SFP+ passive and active cable, QSFP passive and active CXP passive and active cables, SAS and mini SAS cables, SATA cables etc.), RF Coaxial Connectors (SMA, SMB,SMC,N, TNC, RP-TNC, SMP, Mini-SMP, MCX, MMCX,BMA, QLA plug/male and jack/female etc.), RF and Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies,  multi-pin connectors, fiber optics and many other types of Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies. We offer an extensive range of interconnect solutions for applications in telecom, datacom, healthcare, automotive, measurement, military and aerospace industries.

Superlink firmly pursues Excellence in technology innovation and professional service, and strives for more cost-effective, more reliable and higher-speed interconnection solutions. Superlink promises to provide global customers with top quality and the most cost-effective products and services! Three labs equipped abundantly are utilized for quality assurance from design to delivery.

We are flexible and agile in customer support and service. We know the market and the customer’s expectations, and understand both the local culture as well as the international business practices.

Superlink takes the safety and environment protection as its social responsibility. The company is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 certificated. The products are c-UL&US-UL safety recognized and RoHS, REACH compliant. 

Superlink has global sales networks and manufacturing base located in Shenzhen China. 

Make Superlink as your best Choice!

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Superlink's work shop of high-speed cable assemblies

Superlink's laboratory

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